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Note: New shipping rates will now be calculated at 10% of the value of your for Gauteng. For Vaal Triangle 12%
of the value.

GAUTENG - Same Day

Order must be in by 2.30pm on Monday.

Orders will go out on Thursday for Gauteng and Wednesday evening for next day to Vaal Triangle and Major Cities .

Deliveries are made in the afternoon between 2pm and 5 PM. Sometimes it can be later depending on traffic. 


We deliver to the following centres:

Order must be in by 2.30pm on Monday.

Vaal Triangle Next Day
Bloemfontein Next Day
Cape Town Next Day
Durban Next Day
East London Next Day
Port Elizabeth Next Day


All our meat is packed in 10Kg or 20Kg cardboard boxes. The box comes with frozen Gel Packs and is covered with bubble wrap. This is to ensure your order arrives at your home or office chilled and fresh.

 Shipping Charges 


Johannesburg and Pretoria

All Orders

10% of Value

Vaal Triangle 

All Orders

12% of Value


 Mains Centres with in South Africa, except Cape Town

0 to 1 Kg


1 to 5 Kgs


5 to 10 Kgs


10 to 15 Kgs


15 to 20 Kgs 


20 to 25 Kgs 


25 to 50 Kgs 


 Cape Town

0 to 1 Kg


1 to 5 Kgs


5 to 10 Kgs


10 to 15 Kgs


15 to 20 Kgs 


20 to 25 Kgs 


25 to 50 Kgs 



If you are not in a main centre and would like to order from us, please email your details and address and we provide you with a quotation.

Orders must be in by midday Monday and we only ship on Wednesday or Thursday. Delivery is same day for Gauteng and overnight for other destinations.

Note: If your orders are placed in time we will do our utmost to deliver on the correct day, however due to unforseen circumstances, whether this is due to power failures, big demand, strikes or any other factor, there may be a delay.

We will however inform you of the delay.

We deliver to the address you have requested. If there is no one available to receive the delivery, neither Gourmet Butcher nor the courier service are responsible for the meat being spoiled.

PLEASE NOTE: We are an online store and we don't deal directly with the public. Therefore we are unable to arrange for orders to be collected from our premises.













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