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Do you know that more than 70% of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fake!!! 

Unfortunately besides testing in a laboratory there is no way of finding if the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you purchase is genuine. The only give away is PRICE! If the oil is cheap there is a very good chance that it is fake.

olive oil

Do you know that Pomace Olive Oil, which is freely available in South Africa is banned in some countries in Europe, why, because this oil comes from the left over oil after the Extra Virgin Oil and Virgin Olive Oil are removed. The only way to extract Pomace is by using chemicals, so when you use Pomace Olive Oil just be warned it contains chemicals!

The good news is you are living in a country that produces some of the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in the world.

Health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Regular consumption of Extra Virgin  Olive Oil (EVOO) reduces the risk of cancer by 26%, and reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by 44%!

There are two groups of compounds found in EVOO.

·        Mono-Unsaturated fatty acid (oleic) which makes up to 65-80% of the fatty acid profile . The lesser fatty acids    are linoleic (9-12%) and linolenic acids (1%). Linoleic is commonly known as Omega 3, which has the characteristics of an anti-inflammatory.

·        Polyphenols (known as anti-oxidants). There are many of these extremely  important compounds.

Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids
These regulate the optimal balance between the lipoproteins  (HDL) and the dangerous low density lipoproteins (LDL). This keeps the blood vessels free from build up and improves hypertension.  These fatty acid are also known to protect our bones. The slowing down of one’s memory  has also been attributed to the mono-unsatutrates.



Is the bitter and pepperiness compounds in EVOO.

·         Protect the oil against oxidation.

·         They have a positive effect genes that reduce circulating cholesterol.

·         The bitter compound prevents organ damage.

·         Improves chronic colitis.

·         Reduces toxin induced oxidative stress in liver cells.

·         One of the anti-oxidants is Oleocanthal , which is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and can be used externally on ossteo-arthritic knees. It is better than other gelsthat are available on the market.

·         This anti-oxidant is also known to to improve Alzheimer’s by reducing  the myeloid bodies in the brain.

·         Also a strong anti-carcinogenic and protects against breast, prostate and colon cancers.

One important fact that GP’s fail to mention, is that any chronic disease is reversible  - not by treating the symptoms with drugs, but by feeding the body with the correct nutrients to enable to heal itself. EVOO goes along way to address these issues. It is only EVOO that contain these amazing anti-oxidants. Once an olive oil has bee nrefined, all the natural goodness is stripped out of it.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is like wine and the taste varies according to the cultivar, climate and maker.

EVOO is a natural fruit juice that is extracted below 30°C. Nothing is added or modified ,and it meets certain chemical tests. The free acidity (oleic acid) value must be 0.8% or less, and peroxides less than 33g per kilogram.

EVOO should be kept in a cool, dark place and kept in airtight containers. Light and air are the enemies of EVOO. If you see Olive Oil sold in a clear bottle, you should not purchase is it as light will destroy its anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. f

Do not refrigerate Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Virgin Olive Oil is a lesser quality and Olive Oil has been blended with a small amount of virgin oils. Refined Olive Oil is sold as Light or Pure Olive Oil. It no longer contains the natural ani-oxidants of EVOO.

olive trees

How to confirm  the Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) 

Take a small sip and coat your mouth with the oil. There should be some fruitiness or a taste of freshly cut grass.

As the oil passes to the back of the throat, you may want to cough or even cough. Wanting to cough or to cough is a good indicator of EVOO.

Also if you pour a small amount of EVOO into a glass jar or receptacle you will smell the fruitiness. If you then hold the receptacle in your hands for awhile and allowing the oil to warm up, the aromas will change significantly.

How to recognise defects?

Rancid. The feel of the oil in the mouth changes and becomes more oily. The smell and taste of the oil will remind you of stale nuts, or old butter.

Wineyness. The oil smells like vinegar.

Musty. Mould growing on the olives before pressing.

Muddy Sediment. Mould growing on the olives before pressing.

Quality EVOO, should be consumed as fresh as possible.

When purchasing olive oil the following information should be noted.

·        EVOO is not like wine, which improves with age. It should be consumed within 18 months of being processed.

·        It should say Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

·        The source of the oil, stick to South African Oil producers. Imported oils can be suspect.

·        For oil to be EVOO, it must comply with chemical tests. These are, Free Fatty Acids, (FFA) of less than .8%, and a peroxide value (PV) of no more than 20 ml/kg.

·        Cold Pressed or Cold Extracted are names mentioned with EVOO. Oil is extracted in a centrifuge, at a temperature less than 30° C. The pressed method is only used by a few producers. All EVOO comes from the first processing of  the crushed olive.

·        Filtered or Unfiltered, is a producers choice. It is a matter of taste.

·        Cultivars are not always mentioned on the label.













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